The official Bearww IPhone application

Search options

There are two ways to search profiles.
1 - Select the "My searches" icon (on the first menu page). "Memorize" your search criteria in order to easily access them again later. You can "memorize" several searches
2 - Select the "Gallery" icon (on the second menu page). The criteria you used are stored for the next time you search.

PUSH notifications.

Push Notifications are notifications sent to your phone even if the App is closed.
(Push Notifications will NOT drain your battery.)
You can enable or disable Push Notifications under "Settings" of your iPhone.
To do so, go to iPhone "Settings", "Notifictations", "bearwww".

Bag of tricks

Location problem.

You must enable Location Services to use "bearwww".
Go to iPhone "Settings", "Privacy", "Location Services" and enable Location Services for "bearwww".
***NOTE: iOS 5 doesn't have the Privacy menu - just Settings > Location Services*** (Location Services will drain some battery when the App is open on the screen but NOT when it is background or completely closed.)
You can disable the Location service if you want to use the App only to answer messages.

I have several profiles.

You can use the "Settings" of your iPhone, "bearwww" to change your bearwww ID.


The bearwww App was developed to use as little battery life as possible.
However, a bright screen, notifications, 3G connectivity and Location Services used simultaneously will drain the battery.

To save some battery life, consider the following:
If you receive a lot of messages you can reset the "Push notifications" leaving only the pellets. ***What are Pellets? do you mean Icon Badges?***
Pellets do not consume the battery at all.
The notifications service works at the same time for all the Apps on your iPhone; therefore, disabling Push Notifications only for the "bearwww" App will NOT save more battery life.

You can disable Location Services. In this case you won't be able to see who's around you nor consult the guide.

How do I view my messages history ?

Message history is only available with an access code. You can access them when viewing a profile and clicking on the "Clock" icon, or by clicking on the top right hand corner "Right Arrow" and select "See messages history".

How do I update my main picture ?

To update your main picture , a short tap on your photo will allow your to choose an other picture in your Iphone library or to take a new photo with your camera. Photo can be resized and cropped. You must click on "Save" to apply any changes.

How do I update my profile ?

A short tap on the icon "My Profile" will allow you to update each area and description of your profile. You must click "Save" to apply the changes.

Can I switch off the sound alert ?

You have the choice of the sound or the vibrate alert. On your Iphone, please click on "Settings", scroll all the way down untill you find the application. Short tap on "bearwww" , select in the options area, the type of alert of all new messages received.

How do I add a contact to my contact list ?

Short tap on the profile you wish to add in your contact list. Click on the "+ Icon" to add. You must confirm by selecting "Ok". You will then be able to add a personal note and rating for your new contact.

How do I remove a contact from my contact list ?

Short tap on the icon "My Contact list ". Select the profile you wish to remove. Click on the top right end corner "Right Arrow" and select "Remove from my contacts".

How do I vote for a profile ?

When viewing a profile, Click on the top right hand corner "Right Arrow" and select "Vote for this profile".

How do I sign a guestbook ?

When viewing a profile, Click on the top right hand corner "Right Arrow" and select "Sign this guestbook".


You can consult the "bearwww" guide by selecting the "Events" or "Facilities" icon.
You can choose a new location on the map by tapping on the "arrow" icon at the top right of the screen.
You can see the events or facilities on a map by tapping on the "map" icon at the bottom right of the screen.

How far can I search for profiles ?

There aren't any limitations in distances. Profiles are displayed in order of distance from the closest to the farest.

Can I change the language ?

The Bearwww application is automatically set to the Iphone user interface. You can not manually select an other language, You would need to change your Iphone language settings so it can reflects to our application.

How can I switch distances between Miles and Kilometers ?

You must change the Region Format on your Iphone to properly reflect the correct distance format. Click on "Setting" , Select "General", -> "International", -> "Region Format" and choose the correct Country.