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Codice Rosso Cruising Club

via Conte Ruggero 48 - Catania

Codice Rosso Cruise Bar opened in November 2005 for all those who love have fun and meet new and fascinating people, while sipping one of our explosive cocktails or watching a full porn movie or standing in the softly lighted by candles and faint lamp-gleam corridors.

Lead on a dark: several cubbyholes, a large darkroom, a benched area, glory holes are waiting you for any activity you care to imagine. And for an harder play, try out our Sling Room.

The biggest Cruise Bar in the southern Italy is the place where spend an enjoyable night's transgression or just have some delightful chat with friends.

NightLifeClub/Onepass card owners entry only; if you haven't got the card yet, you can get it just producing a valid identity paper.

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Codice Rosso Cruising Club

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