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By registering with bearwww.com and becoming a member, you AGREE to the following that:

1. You are an adult of 18 (eighteen) years of age or older. You also agree that you have read these terms and understand that www.bearwww.com profiles may contain adult content and that certain pages may contain explicit adult orientated pictures.

2. Some of the postings or content may contain strong language, sexual content, images and explicit copy of an adult or controversial nature. You agree that this material does not offend you in any way, form or manner.

3. www.bearwww.com does not have any obligation to remove any such items which you may find offensive.

4. You do not live in a Country or City which does not allow you to obtain or view sexually explicit material.

5. The material which is contained herein is for your own personal use and will not be distributed in any form or used in a commercial or professional manner.

6. www.bearwww.com reserves the right to use the email addresses provided from time to time with the users consent.

7. www.bearwww.com will use reasonable efforts to provide the service selected by Members through the registration process solely for the Members own use.

8. www.bearwww.com maintain the rights to suspend, discontinue or change any information at any time, as it deems necessary. This includes the availability of certain features.

9. All members are required to enter their correct year of birth upon registration and failure to do so will result in immediate termination of Membership.

10. Member profiles may not be used to solicit goods or services or publish any material containing advertising without the written consent of bearwww.com.
Soliciting, prostitution, trade in illicit products ... is strictly prohibited.

In order to protect users from spam on this site, bearwww has instituted an automatic system that can block messages containing specific elements of this type of practice. Profiles used to send private mass mailings may be blocked without warning.

11. Members shall not interfere with another’s enjoyment of the site and may not discriminate against any person based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other preferences. The site was created in a friendly purpose. You should remain polite and correct with the other members. bearwww.com could cancel without notice or refund any profile which does not respect this rule.

12. A password would be allocated to Members upon registration and it is the responsibility of the Member to maintain the security of such a password.

13. www.bearwww.com reserves the right to refuse registration or to cancel such a registration at its own discretion.

14. The structure of this site is protected by copyright and owned and controlled by bearwww.com. The pictures and presentation text stay the ownership of the member who accepts publication on bearwww.com and their possible modification by the persons in charge of the site for setting in conformity. Members agree to accept editing of their pictures by the website manager as may be required to make them comply with the rules.

15. Photos that members post online must be their own photos to which they have all rights. The IP address and the date of the photo will be registered with bearwww, and could be furnished to authorities on demand in case a complaint is filed about photos that do not conform to this policy.

Preferably a photo that shows your face;
If we cannot see your face, you must show an relatively substantial part of your body showing more than just your clothing;
No photos of your back only – one doesn’t generally chat to people who only turn their backs;
No visible genitalia;
No obscene positions or insulting gestures;
It may be necessary to re-crop the photo to maximize visibility due to the small nature of gallery photos.

No hard-core photos.

FOR ALL PHOTOS (main or additional photos):
No visible weapons, no photos without YOU in them (landscapes, animals, cakes, houses, etc)
No photos of minors or with minors in them, even if it is a photo of YOU when you were younger.
All photos must be real photos and not digitally created.
All photos must be of you only

WARNING: You must respect the rules regarding the rights to the images and the author. In case of violation of these rules, you risk being prosecuted.

The content of private pictures must follow the same rules as for all other additional profile pictures. The profile pictures are validated by the webmaster with no distinction between public and private pictures. Private pictures are there to allow a member to restrict access to some additional photos of his profile to the users which he has explicitly granted permission. We are not responsible for any use (copying, distribution) of private pictures made ​​by a member (possibly malicious) to whom the profile owner has given permission to access, even if it was subsequently withdrawn.

Photos defined as "soft" that contain nudity or pornography will be deleted from the profile without warning. This removal may take place before or after the update on the website depending on the organisation of the verification process.

16. www.bearwww.con contains only pictures from members. There is no model. Visitors and anyone can advise the webmaster of bearwww.com (webmaster (@) bearwww.com) if they notice a doubtful picture

17. By submitting an application for Membership the user states that he irrevocable accept this Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions, entirely. The user further states that he has read these terms and conditions and is in full agreement of the contents.

18. Persons registering multiple profiles without justification may result in us deleting or suspending such profiles.

19. Profiles removed for contravening the Terms of Use will not be eligible for a refund of any subscription fees paid.

20. The service is provided as is without any warranty. bearwww.com in no event will be liable to you for any damages of any kind. Including, but not limited to, compensatory damages, loss of profits, lost data of any form or special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind whether based on breach of contract or warranty, negligence, product liability or otherwise, even if bearwww.com is advised of such damages.

21. Users of the website remain entirely responsible to comply with laws regarding the content they are publishing on bearwww.com. nevertheless, bearwww.com retains the right to suppress any content and/or profile which does not comply.

22. In case of differences in the translation of these user’s rules, the english version will prevail.

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