About Bearwww

A Platform for the Global Bear Community

A unique online space designed specifically for the worldwide community of bear enthusiasts. This platform serves as a meeting ground where individuals from various parts of the globe who share a deep affinity for bears can come together. Whether it's for the purpose of exchanging stories, sharing insights, or simply connecting with others who have a similar passion for these magnificent creatures, this platform aims to cater to all their needs. It's a place that welcomes everyone who finds joy and fascination in the bear community, providing a friendly and inclusive environment for interaction and engagement. The goal is to forge a strong, interconnected community that not only celebrates the beauty and significance of bears but also supports and uplifts each other through shared experiences and interests.

Who are we?

At bearwww, we're an online dating platform that caters specifically to the bear community worldwide. Since our establishment in 2002, our primary goal has been to create a secure, friendly, and user-friendly space. We aim to facilitate meaningful connections between bears and their admirers.

Our Community

bearwww embraces a diverse membership within the bear subculture, including bears, cubs, chasers, otters, and anyone who appreciates the bear lifestyle. Within our platform, we prioritize authenticity and respect as the foundation for all interactions.

Our Values

- Inclusivity: We take pride in the variety present within the bear community and are committed to building an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone.
- Respect: Mutual respect is a core principle within our platform. We diligently work to maintain a space where all members feel valued and respected.
- Security: We prioritize the safety of our members above all else. We employ advanced security measures to safeguard personal data and promote secure interactions.
- Community: Beyond being a mere dating platform, bearwww serves as a vibrant community. We offer communication tools and organize events to strengthen the connections among our members.


bearwww provides a range of features designed to enhance your dating experience, including:
- Detailed Profiles: Create a profile that authentically reflects your personality and interests.
- Advanced Search: Utilize our advanced search engine to find members based on specific criteria.
- Private Messaging: Engage in private and secure conversations with other members.
- Events and Meetings: Take part in local and virtual events organized by the bearwww community.

Join Us

Ready to become a part of our community? Get started today by signing up and embark on your journey with bearwww. Regardless of whether you're seeking love, friendship, or new experiences, you'll find a warm welcome here. Explore, connect, and share with the friendliest bear community on the internet.